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Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Vans from VMI

Toyota Sienna VMI Northstar
Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Vans

Toyota Sienna handicap accessible vans feature the most advanced mobility ramp system available - the VMI Northstar. The VMI Northstar on a Sienna wheelchair minivan conversion maximizes interior space and helps keep the vehicle interior clean. The lowered floor creates an unprecedented entry and interior height, which is crucial for people who will be riding or driving from their wheelchair.

New to the Toyota Sienna mobility conversion van is the VMI Access360. Access360 creates a wheelchair van conversion unlike any other, blending disabled access, flexibility, quality, and value. Space is maximized without sacrificing the aesthetics of these Toyota Sienna mobility vans.

Addtional features in addition to the lowered floor and automatic in-floor ramp include power kneel, removable front seats, and remote control activation of the entire system. Each feature of the VMI Northstar for Toyota Sienna minivans has been meticulusly planned and engineered for the best disability user experience. In fact, users can even drive from their wheelchair by removing the front driver seat and installing hand controls, an EZ-Lock, or other handicap driving accessories.

A local VMI dealer can demonstrate and help select the perfect Toyota Sienna mobility van with a VMI Northstar for each individual, lifestyle, and budget. One of the best ways to get a full appreciation of the VMI Northstar on a Toyota Sienna minivan is to take one for a test drive. To find a Sienna handicap van conversion nearby, enter your ZIP code at the top of this page.