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VMI Summit Handicap Accessible Van

VMI Summit Wheelchair Vans

Folding Ramp Handicap Van Conversions

Summit Accessible Van Conversions

The goal was concise, the solution, expansive. The Summit handicap van conversion delivers space in an innovative way: through a uniquely powered fold-out wheelchair ramp that delivers more interior space than other competitors ramp van systems. For added safety, two inch side rails keep wheelchairs securely on track. PowerKneel™ technology provides ease of access by reducing the angle of the aluminum van ramp. Tumble forward third-row seating offers more storage space, form, function, and harmony. In maximizing the innovative design of our handicap minivan, we've put considerable space between our competitors and ourselves. Find your local dealer through The Select Dealer Network to buy your VMI Summit mobility vehicle today!


VMI Tumble Forward Seating

VMI's tumble forward third-row seating delivers
spacious options for a wheelchair
accessible van conversion
. Do you want more
wheelchair space, more cargo space, or
simply the flexibility of more passenger
space? Whichever way you decide to go,
you can broaden your horizons with room
to spare.

• 11” lowered floor
• Maximum interior headroom
• Power handicap ramp with non-skid surface
• Power door with easy manual operation
• Complete undercoating and rust proofing
• Emergency ramp release
• Automotive quality interior
• Removable front seat base
• 3-year/36,000-mile warranty
• Manual wheelchair tie-down system
• Fully crash tested
• Fully carpeted seat bases
• Ample floor space
(more maneuverability than ever before)



• Wheelbase: 119.3”
• Maximum Floor Drop: 11.0”
• Usable Ramp Width: 29.4”
• Overall Length: 200.5”
• Door Opening Height: 54.25”
• Overall Floor Length: 85.5”
• Overall Height: 68.9”
• Door Opening Width: 32”
• Interior Height at Center Position: 58.5”
• Overall Width: 78.6”
• Ramp Length: 54”
• Interior Height at Driver & Pssngr Pos: 57.25”

* Nortstar Conversions are availible on Dodge and Chrysler models.