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Full Size Wheelchair Vans

VMI Full Size Wheelchair Vans

Full Size Wheelchair Van
Full Size Mobility Van

Why VMI Full Size Mobility Conversion Vans?

Full Size Handicap Accessible Van Conversions from VMI are loaded with important benefits like safety, convenience and value. But these wheelchair accessible full sized vans also deliver something more; the capacity to get you where you want to go, whenever you want to go there. Whether you choose mid-ship or full-dropped floor, raised roof or raised door options, you are assured the best full-size handicap conversion vans on the road today. Many different platform wheelchair lifts are also available, allowing customization to your lifestyle.

VMI has joined forces with Elkhart, Indiana based Tuscany Automotive Solutions, the premier interior wheelchair accessible vehicle modifier and designer in North America. Combining winning technologies, we have joined together to better serve the growing and changing needs of people with disabilities. Together we have produced the mobility industry's best in class full-size handicap conversion vans.

VMI and Tuscany are proud to introduce new and used accessible van conversions for the Ford E250 and E350 full-size vans. These handicap van conversions offer a variety of options such as a flat 6" drop lowered floor, a 6" lowered floor plus 2" additional drop in the disabled driver position, and a mid ship floor drop. These handicap van conversions empower consumers in wheelchairs to have the freedom of mobility.

Tuscany is the undisputed industry leader in interior design and modification for full-size van and truck interiors. With VMI's new full size accessible wheelchair conversion van, Tuscany is introducing an interior package that will include the best in class design and finish. Tuscany is Ford Motor Company's only manufacturer to receive its Quality Excellence Award every year since the programs inception in 2004. Recognizing the changing needs of handicap individuals, Tuscany offers the broadest range of interior options on the market. VMI customers can create a truly unique interior specific to their individual needs and tastes.

  • Lowered floor 6" full cut / 6" + 2" additional driver drop allows vehicle to be driven from wheelchair or allows wheelchair to be located in front passenger position
  • 6" + 2" allows 2 inches of added head room in drivers position
  • Recessed seat belt retractors (driver & front passenger) allowing more room to maneuver adaptive equipment in and out of front driver and passenger positions
  • Raised Roof / 10" Raised Doors
  • Fiberglass Raised Roof with reversed flange design
  • Door extensions are a composite material eliminating potential for rust
  • Roof support structure adds structural integrity to the chassis to compensate for metal removed in raised roof and door process

Echelon Wheelchair Van Conversion

Wheelchair Van Conversion

Wheelchair Van

Is it possible to enjoy too much luxury? The answers lie within the VMI Echelon wheelchair accessible van conversion. Indulge in the plush feel of leather and suede heated seats supported by power lumbar for driver and passenger. The beauty of infinity lighting and the practicality of multiple reading lights that illuminate the interior. Throughout, there are accents of real and dark cherry walnut. In addition, enjoy a mobile theater system complete with 22" flat TV and enhanced by a spectacular surround sound. Discover the Echelon mobility conversion van and see how far luxury can take you.

Standard Features on the Echelon Series Conversion Vans - All LE Standard Features Plus:

  • Electra Seating Leather w/Suede Three Tone
  • Ultra Plush Wall Fabric
  • Power Lumbar – Driver & Passenger
  • Heated Seats – Driver & Passenger
  • Power Passenger Seat
  • Leather HT Cabinets
  • High Gloss Dark Cherry Walnut
  • Leather Walnut Steering Wheel
  • Tuscany Ground Effects
  • 16" Chrome Wheels (E250)
  • Painted Grille with Billet Inserts
  • 22" LCD TV with 5.1 Surround Sound (HT)
  • 15" LCD TV with 5.1 Surround Sound (LT)
  • AM/FM/CD/DVD with Rear Dual Play Stereo
  • Pro Rack w/Crossbars (LT)

LE-Series Handicap Accessible Van

Handicap Accessible Van

Some people want the best, you demand it. Now there are luxury wheelchair accessible vehicles built to help you reach that objective, the LE-Series handicapped accessable van conversion. This mobility vehicle is one in which comfort, versatility and style are second to none. Vans that are not merely means of transportation, but rather a means of indulgence. No detail has been overlooked.

Standard Features on the LE-Series Conversion Vans - All E and SE Standard Features Plus:

  • Class III Seating "Electra" Style
  • Leather Seating Surfaces
  • Power Recline and Slide Sofa
  • Sofa Center Fold Down Arm Rest
  • Contoured Soft Touch Overhead with Three Switch Control Panel
  • Leather Wrapped Valances with Saddle Stitched Accents with Indirect Back Lighting
  • Ultra Door Panels with Leather Accents and Contoured Molded Storage Pockets
  • Soft Touch Vinyl Wrapped Window Ledges with Walnut Accents and Super Size Cup Holders
  • High Gloss Walnut Accent Trim
  • High Gloss Walnut Instrument Panel Trim
  • Walnut Hourglass Ceiling Trim with Infinity Lighting
  • Rear Storage Compartment Behind Sofa
  • Textured "Berber" Automotive Carpet
  • Bonded Vista Bay Windows with Screens
  • Full Body Paint with Clear Coat
  • L/T – 15" LCD TV with AM/FM/CD/DVD Dual Play and 5.1 Surround Sound
  • H/T 22" LCD TV with AM/FM/CD/DVD Dual Play and 5.1 Surround Sound

SE-Series Conversion Mobility Van

Conversion Mobility Van

The VMI SE-Series mobility van is a disabled vehicle conversion for those who want more; more space, more amenities, more comfort, more standard equipment and more flexibility. An interior offering flexibility of seating arrangements, flexibility of options and the flexibility of style. The VMI SE-Series conversion van, it is everything you could want in a first class van, and more!

Standard Features on the SE-Series Conversion Vans - All E Value and E Plus-Series Standard Features Plus:

  • Class II Seating "Phantom" Style
  • Power Sofa Recliner
  • Power Sofa Slide
  • "Hawkeye" Textured Wall Fabric
  • Infinity Lighting Window Valances
  • Infinity Lighting Ceiling Cross Bows
  • Soft Touch ABS Window Ledges with Super Size Cup Holders
  • Vinyl Cargo Door Panels with Saddle Stitch Accents & Molded Storage Pockets
  • 4 Piece Floor Mat Set with Slip Resistant Backing & Front Snap Down
  • Vista Bay & Cargo Door Shades
  • L/T – 10.2" LCD TV/DVD Combo with Removable Screen
  • H/T – 15" LCD TV with AM/FM/CD/DVD Dual Play and 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Rocker Panel "Sport Paint" with Upper Automotive Graphics

E Value & E Plus-Series Handicap Van

Affordable Handicapped Van

Introducing a VMI full-sized accessible wheelchair van that brings new meaning to the word "value"; the value of ample space, the value of comfort and flexibility, the value of quality, and of course, the value of economy. Presenting the VMI E Value and the VMI E Plus-Series. These models have everything you could want in a full-size van, except of course, the full-size van price. Where do you want to go in life? The E Value and E Plus-Series conversion vans will get you there in style.

Standard Features on the E Plus-Series Conversion Vans - All E Value Standard Features Plus:

  • Class 1.5 "Cord" Style Seating with Adjustable Headrests
  • Slide Tracks on Mid Captain’s Chairs
  • Quick Release on Mid Captain’s Chairs
  • Two Toned Cloth Patterned Seat Insert
  • Walnut Accent Trim on Valance with Indirect Lighting
  • Cloth Shades (Vista Bay and Cargo Windows)
  • Four Piece Floor Mats Set
  • Rear Euro Style Running Board Extensions Full-Sized Accessible Wheelchair Van
  • Sport Paint with Graphics Upgrade
  • Leather Option Seating

Standard Features on the E Value Conversion Vans:

  • 3 Point Restraints & Lap Belts
  • Pedestals Meet all FMVSS Safety Standards
  • RVIA Approved Manufacturing
  • High Capacity Rear Air and Heat
  • ABS Window Ledge with Super Size Cup Holders
  • Covered Visors with Lighted Mirrors
  • Cabin Area Courtesy Lighting
  • Four Reading Lights
  • Rear Power Door Lock Switch
  • Vinyl Front Door Pockets
  • Vinyl Cargo Door Panels with Storage Pockets
  • Carpet Engine Cover with Ford Glove Box
  • Vinyl Bag Holder for Jack & Tools
  • Spring Loaded Fold-down Clothes Hangers
  • Mildew, odor and stain resistant nylon carpet
  • 1 ½" Closed Cell Foam Automotive Sub Floor
  • Class I Seats "Medalist" Cloth Seating
  • Storage Pocket on Back of Chair Skirting on All Chairs
  • Sofa Bed is Removable
  • Owens Corning Fiberglass Insulation
  • Cloth Sidewalls
  • Three Tinted Vista Bay Windows with Screens
  • Painted Euro Boards
  • Deluxe Automotive Graphics
  • Deluxe Valance with Two-Tone Cloth Insert Panel